Tigertail Foods is a wholistic pet food and treat company. We use only human-grade ingredients that come
from trusted sources. Your pet's health is our first concern and everything we make is motivated by
the principle that healthy food helps make healthy pets.

Our Chicken Crisps are made from US-sourced chicken and handmade in our bakery.

Need a gift for any occasion? Call us!
we can put together the perfect pet present.



  • Blog:  A New Jersey dog has received jury duty due to a name mix up. Will she still have to serve?

  • Sit, Stay, READ!
    Consuming genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is arguably one of the more detrimental act you can do to your and your pet's health while thinking you're doing everything right. Avoiding them might be more important than you know. We give you eight reasons why you and your pet should never eat GMO's - and three ways to keep them off your plate!

  • Health Matters:
    Deconstructing Misinformation: The most significant relationship you and your dog can have, outside each other, is with your vet. Having a good vet who will work with you can make all the difference. In this issue of Health Matters, we help you find the right vet for you and your pet.

  • Rescue Rebate Program:
    We support a wide variety of Animal Rescues and through your purchases at Tigertail Foods, you too can help give more by just buying healthy, nutritious treats and foods. Good for your pets and good for rescue! Part of a Rescue group and want your organization to benefit, too?
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